We seek to be a community of creatives who offer our talents as gifts unto the Lord and pray that He will use them to bring glory to Himself, minister to the Body of Christ, and draw unbelievers to the cross.

our mission

Our first desire is to truly worship God personally, both on and off the stage, leading by example.  We have a saying, "You can't take people somewhere you haven't been."  Therefore, we make it a priority to spend time encountering Him, off the stage, both personally and as a Team. Secondly, wE EXIST to help spread the message of the gospel in a compelling presentation, through the mediums of music, visuals, lighting, and other things as we see fit.  It is our desire to create a corporate worship experience which engages hearts and speaks the language of our culture.


city light creatives

encompasses many areas, not only worship music and singers, but spans to production, photography, graphic designers, and regular people who choose to belong to this beautiful melting pot of people.


team night + thursday 7pm

We gather to rehearse and prepare for the weekends.

We gather because we love hanging out.

We gather to inspire each other and instil courage.

Gathering together shapes our culture.


We laugh, we cry (some more than others), we share life and hopefully little by little become more Christ like.

When we gather together we find ourselves united around a common goal, we are able to articulate why we do what we do and who we do it for.